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The purpose of revalidation is to conduct a more rigorous check than at each annual renewal so as to monitor fitness to practise and promote improvement in the quality of public health practice.

Specialist registrants will be contacted 6 months prior to their revalidation date with a request to submit thier application. Reminders will follow until registrants acknowledge the upcoming deadline. If a registrant’s application is not received in full before the revalidation date, they will be provided a 15 working day grace period to submit their application, in this time the registration status will remain “active” and name visible on the public Register.

If a satisfactory application is not received within the 15 working day grace period, the registrant’s status will become “lapsed” and their name no longer visible on the public Register. Should registrants wish to reinstate their “active” status, they will be required to apply for restoration, which may incur a restoration admin fee. For more information on how to apply for restoration, please click here.

The requirements for revalidation are as follows:

  • Confirmation of engagement in annual Professional Appraisal
  • Confirmation of engagement in annual Personal Development Planning
  • Health & Conduct declaration
  • Confirmation of Indemnity arrangements
  • Evidence of CPD within a five year registration cycle
  • Colleague Feedback  – demonstrated by completion of a 360 feedback report completed within a five year registration cycle using a tool approved by UKPHR. You can find a list of tools approved by UKPHR here
  • Confirmation of Compliance via reference

In August 2017, UKPHR guest blogged for the Royal Society for Public Health on the importance and impact of revalidation.

UKPHR Revalidation Application 2024

Watch this video to find out more about the new revalidation application process for UKPHR Specialists.  

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