UKPHR consultation in relation to registration fees and other fees & charges

UKPHR is beginning a month long consultation to seek views on the Board’s proposed schedule of registration fees and other fees & charges.

The Board of UKPHR has decided that registration fees and other fees & charges should be increased with effect from 1st July 2016. The average increase is approximately 4 per cent although there are exceptions above and below this rate. The details are shown in the proposed schedule.

The reasons why it is necessary to increase registration fees and other fees & charges are as follows:

  1. Most registration fees and other fees & charges were last increased in 2013 and inflation since then has eroded their value (by 3.37 per cent according to the Bank of England’s inflation calculator).
  2. UKPHR wants to continue its current programme of service improvements which has to date achieved facility to pay registration fees by instalments, individual registrant log-in area and a more user-friendly website. UKPHR has also achieved recognition from HMRC that registration renewal fees may be set against tax. The service improvements in the process of being delivered include registrants’ logo, facility to share case studies of good practice and less burdensome renewal process.
  3. Further developments in the process of being worked up will inevitably have a cost implication, for example introduction of revalidation in place of re-registration.
  4. UKPHR has no sources of income other than the money it generates through registration fees and other fees & charges. UKPHR is a not-for-profit company and a registered charity. All its resources are used solely for the purpose of managing the register effectively. The register is accredited by the Professional Standards Authority under a statutory scheme.

In addition to the direct necessity that these reasons explain, the Board takes the view that prudent financial management is best achieved by regular adjustments to registration fees and other fees & charges rather than storing up large increases more infrequently. It is also thought that this approach is preferable for registrants in managing their personal finances.

UKPHR has set up a short online survey where you can respond to this consultation. You can access the survey here. UKPHR does not solely require responses to be by means of completing the online survey. You can send a written response to UKPHR in the post or by email also. Please click here to find further details on the questions. The consultation will be live until 4pm on Thursday 31st March 2016.