Changes to the composition of our Board

We advertised for two new Directors to appoint to our Board in 2017; we are pleased to announce that at the Board’s meeting on 28th September new Board members, David Evans (University of the West of England) and Helen King (Warwickshire County Council) were appointed.

Our Chair, Patrick Saunders, and our Vice Chair, Claire Cotter, retired from the Board and so we needed to appoint a new Chair and a new Vice Chair. We are pleased to announce that Andrew Jones was elected Chair and Viv Speller was elected Vice Chair. Andrew is Deputy Director of Public Health Services at Public Health Wales (our Andrew was UKPHR’s very first specialist registrant!). Viv is also a specialist registrant and a very experienced provider of public health consultancy services.

In the Board of 12 members, six are registrants and six are lay (which means not a registrant and not eligible for registration) and at the meeting, the Board agreed a rule change so that in future lay members will be in the majority.