Amendment to practitioner CPD requirement

Between 4th May and 15th June 2017 we consulted on proposed changes to our CPD requirement for practitioner registrants. The results of the consultation were reported to UKPHR’s Board at its meeting held on 18th July 2017. Responses were overwhelmingly in favour of all the amendments being proposed and so the Board agreed to implement the changes, as consulted upon, from 1st September 2017. The first audit of new CPD requirements will take place in 2018, not 2017. Please click on the links below to view the new policy, guidance and FAQs.

CPD policy for practitioners

CPD policy guidance for practitioners

CPD FAQs for practitioners

In summary, the amendments consulted upon were:

  • Require completion of 15 hours’ learning activity each year after registration instead of 75 hours over 5 years
    – An amendment in response to audit findings. 
  • Require one-half of CPD learning activity to be linked to a practitioner registrant’s Personal Development Plan
    New, to match FPH requirement for its practitioner members. 
  • Cap the number of hours of learning activity that can be claimed towards meeting UKPHR’s CPD requirement from a single activity, namely no more than 3 hours for attendance at a half-day event and no more than 5 hours in any other situation
    New, to match FPH requirement for its practitioner members. 
  • Accept that special circumstances may arise making it difficult for a practitioner registrant to comply with the CPD requirement in full and encouraging a registrant in such a situation to contact UKPHR early
    New, to match FPH requirement for its practitioner members. 
  • Not to mandate a particular means of keeping records for a CPD log and specifically agreeing to accept, in relevant cases, the Faculty’s certificate of compliance as evidence of complete compliance with UKPHR’s CPD requirement
    Partly re-statement of existing position and partly new, recognising Faculty’s new practitioner membership and matching the position of specialist registrants who are Faculty members using the Faculty’s CPD recording tool.