Supporting Public Health Heroes: An Employer’s Toolkit

Public health practitioners are a vital part of the UK’s response to COVID-19. These ‘Public Health Heroes’ have stepped up during the pandemic and helped make the UK a safer and healthier place to live.

As the regulator of the UK’s public health professionals, UKPHR celebrates all public health heroes. We also want to encourage employers to create more of them, in part by enabling more public health workers to become registered as professional public health practitioners and specialists. Registration gives accreditation to staff, and assurance to employers and the public that those working in public health are being trained and developed to do the best job possible to improve and protect the health of our population.

The UKPHR Employers’ Toolkit will help Public Health Heroes to become registered.

UKPHR Practitioner Registration

Public health practitioners achieve registration via local schemes across the UK. This involves presenting a portfolio of evidence to demonstrate their knowledge, understanding and application of core public health standards. UKPHR registration gives independent, robust quality assurance for practitioners working in all areas of public health.

Registration enables employers to guarantee that their whole public health workforce is meeting the highest standards of conduct and competence, helping them to better protect the public. Registration can enable employers to recognise and reward the expertise of individual employees too.

The UKPHR Employers’ Toolkit

Support from an employer can make all the difference in helping public health workers to become registered. The UKPHR Employers’ Toolkit is designed to help employers to help their employees to register as public health practitioners. It provides guidance on creating demand for registration, as well as supporting public health staff in building their portfolio of evidence and undertaking professional development. The toolkit also helps employers to share best practice within their teams too and celebrate the successful professional registration of their staff too.

Each section of the Toolkit has ideas, examples and case studies from other employers, as well as a list of clear, actionable points that employers can put into practice for their own workforce. Using the Toolkit is one way in which employers can develop and celebrate the work of more UK Public Health Heroes.

Download the toolkit to find out how to support your Public Health Heroes. For more information contact