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UKPHR Registration

Why register?

Registration is designed to assure the public and employers that multidisciplinary public health professionals are appropriately qualified and competent. We set standards for registration that are recognised throughout the United Kingdom and provide significant public protection from unprofessional or unethical behaviour.

The primary reason for the UKPHR is for the protection of the general public, professional accreditation and registrants may gain the benefit of improved access to employment.

Who can register with UKPHR?

UKPHR only regulates public health professionals who practise in the UK – our remit is protection of the UK public. As we are a UK register, therefore registration with us is not recognised overseas. We do not regulate international public health professionals.

In order to apply to a local scheme to become registered as a public health practitioner you will need to be living in the UK from the onset.

If you are living overseas and wish to apply to register with UKPHR as a specialist, you will need to supply evidence in the form of a job offer or visa/living arrangements for the UK.

What levels of registration does UKPHR offer?

There are a three of categories of UKPHR registration:

The term ‘public health practitioner’ is designed to describe a level of practice, not a specific job role or type of job. UKPHR has taken the broad definition of a ‘public health practitioner’ as someone who has autonomy in specific areas of public health work, continually developing their area of work and supporting others to understand it. There is one route to this type of registration; via a local registration scheme.

The majority of specialist registrants are working at a senior level (consultant or consultant equivalent: normally perceived as Level 8 and above in the Skills for Health Career Framework) in public health. There are a number of routes to gaining UKPHR specialist registration.

Trainees undertaking the Specialty Training Programme, who are not already regulated by a statutory regulator (for example, doctors are regulated by the General Medical Council) are eligible to register with UKPHR during their training. When they complete their training they are eligible to register as specialists upon production of the Certificate of Completion of Training. There is one route to attain specialty registrar registration.

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