Work begins on the development of revised standards for a new route to registration for specialists

Today UKPHR starts work with Viv Speller and her Company Health Development Consulting Ltd on the development of revised standards for a future new route to registration for public health specialists.

Previously, a task & finish group has helped UKPHR on a comprehensive review of all the routes to registration available to public health specialists. A key recommendation of the group was that in future there should be, alongside the current Standard Route for those completing the Specialty Training Programme and the current dual registration route, a single retrospective portfolio assessment route.

In due course, UKPHR intends to consult widely on this change but UKPHR’s Board decided that before consulting it needed to develop the standards that would apply in the case of the new, single portfolio route. This work will assist the Board in finalising a proposition that is practicable and fair – and it will also help to make the eventual consultation more meaningful for those who would wish to respond.

The work which UKPHR will undertake with its contractor will include a review of existing standards, a literature review of relevant recent publications and appropriate engagement with UKPHR’s stakeholders.

In due course the contractor will produce a report to UKPHR containing:

  • Suggested options for up to date knowledge and skills standards;
  • Suggested options for assessing identified “Knowledge” standards;
  • An overview of views on e-portfolios and their potential application to a retrospective Generalist Specialist route; and
  • Recommendations for action by UKPHR.

This work starts now and is expected to last for 6-9 months. UKPHR will consult on the changes to routes to registration for public health specialists during 2017.