UKPHR invites tenders for a contract to develop, test and deliver an e-portfolio for the Specialist Registration by Portfolio Assessment (SRbPA) route

UKPHR is seeking an IT partner to help develop the register’s first e-portfolio for use in conjunction with a portfolio assessment route for public health specialists: 

Last year, UKPHR opened a new portfolio assessment route for specialist registration, SRbPA (Specialist Registration by Portfolio Assessment). This year, the two pre-existing specialist portfolio assessment routes for generalist specialists and for defined specialists closed. The SRbPA route is now the only portfolio assessment route available for specialist registration. 

When the new route was opened in September 2018, UKPHR’s Board set out its ambition to develop an e-portfolio for use by applicants when applying for specialist registration by this route. Since then, work has been done to describe the functions required, establish a specification for developing and testing the e-portfolio and find out whether there is a market for this work. 

Now, UKPHR is publishing an Invitation to Tender (ITT) and hopes to receive several competitive bids from IT businesses willing to work with UKPHR on this project. 

Chief Executive of UKPHRDavid Kidney says: 

This will be a tremendous step forward for UKPHR and future applicants for specialist registration by the portfolio assessment route. Until now, applicants have had to deliver huge boxes of paper and materials to us with their portfolio. We have to move this evidence from our office to two assessors and back to our office. An e-portfolio will remove the time and money spent on transport and make assessors’ work easier. We have had experience of using e-portfolios for practitioner registration for several years now. This will be a welcome technological catch-up for specialist registration. 

Businesses interested in bidding for this work can download the ITT and the bidding form from our website. Tenders must be with UKPHR by 10.00hrs on Monday 27 January 2020.