UKPHR endorses Scotland’s Public Health Review Report

The Scottish Government has today (11 February 2016) published the 2015 Review of Public Health in Scotland: Strengthening the Function and re-focusing action for a healthier Scotland.  UK Public Health Register welcomes and supports the report, especially its recommendations.

UKPHR offers its assistance, where it can add value, in the implementation of the report’s recommendations by the Government and by other key stakeholders.

UKPHR’s most pertinent interests are in relation to public protection, quality assurance and quality enhancement of the public health workforce and effective action to improve the public’s health and wellbeing and reduce inequalities.

Chair of UKPHR, Professor Bryan Stoten endorses the reports key recommendations in relation to:

  • A greater national cohesion, accountability and leadership across all domains of public health
  • A Public Health Strategy for Scotland containing a shared vision for developing public health with common goals and outcomes
  • A stronger role for Directors of Public Health drawn from a wider range of relevant disciplines (including medicine)
  • Public health intelligence and academic contributions that are valued and ensure that public health policy and practice is more strongly underpinned by research and evidence
  • A more visible, strategic role for Public Health consultants and other core public health staff as advocates, influencers and leaders
  • A workforce development strategy for public health in Scotland

Professor Stoten said:

“I am delighted that the Scottish Government has published such an authoritative, well-argued and visionary report. The professionals who make their careers in public health are driven by the finest of motives in ethically seeking to improve the public’s health and wellbeing and reduce inequalities.”

“It is so rewarding to read such a strong focus on development of this highly committed workforce. I recognise that with the right advocacy and leadership skills this core public health workforce has an important role in joining up services and interventions across organisations and within the wider workforce.”

“UKPHR will be enthusiastically supporting the Scottish Government in making a reality of this ambitious work plan.”