Specialty Registrar registration

This month UKPHR introduces the offer of a new third category of registration, namely Specialty Registrar.

This is an additional category of registration alongside the existing categories of public health specialist and public health practitioner.

This offer is aimed at public health professionals who are currently in training to become public health specialists in the future. They will have completed their academic studies and they will be undertaking experience of public health practice, under supervision.

UKPHR very much views this as filling a small but significant gap in regulation. Like all its registration activity, UKPHR is first and foremost concerned with public protection.

Registration is voluntary but UKPHR hopes that the new category of registration will be attractive to a group of Specialty Registrars who may otherwise be unregulated.

Applications for registration may be made to UKPHR on or after 10th May 2015. The registration fee is £90 a year.

UKPHR has published its policy on Specialty Registrar registration and the application form.

For further information click here.