RSS permission procedure

UKPHR has clarified and published its procedure for determining requests it receives for permission to proceed with an application for registration as a generalist public health specialist.

This procedure relates to one route to registration as a public health specialist, namely Recognition of Specialist Status (RSS).

This is an exceptional route, a successor to an early phase in UKPHR’s development when retrospective portfolio assessment was more generally available for individuals seeking to register as generalist specialists. It is because it is now an exceptional route that prior permission must be obtained before a portfolio may be submitted for assessment through the RSS route.

Today, a prospective applicant for the RSS route must have held a post in public health at consultant level or above for three or more years and have worked for at least three years at a senior strategic level. He or she must also explain why registration as a defined specialist would not be appropriate.

We have published the procedure on our website. The Registrar will make the determination in response to the request for permission to proceed by this RSS route and it is intended that UKPHR will be able to respond in a timely manner to the requests it receives.