Mapping of BSc courses

UKPHR is pleased to publish on its website a mapping carried out by the University of Wolverhampton to show how the University’s BSc degree course in public health maps to UKPHR’s amended practitioner registration standards.

This initiative comes out of the first review UKPHR conducted of practitioner registration. A task & finish group recommended to UKPHR that consideration should be given to adopting Approved Prior Learning. As a step towards addressing this recommendation, a project is underway to find out how Universities’ BSc public health courses map to the current standards for practitioner registration.

The University of Wolverhampton has gone first – to test out the mapping tool provided by UKPHR. The results of the mapping will be displayed on UKPHR’s website. Now other Universities offering a BSc degree in public health are being invited to follow suit.

UKPHR will add the results of each mapping to its website. This is not attended to be an endorsement of any courses in particular, but the Universities themselves may see value in being associated with this open and accessible comparison of course curriculums and UKPHR’s standards for practitioner registration.

In due course, UKPHR’s Education & Training Committee will review the mappings that UKPHR receives from Universities. The information provided will help the Committee to make progress towards implementing the recommendation that UKPHR received from the first review of practitioner registration about Approved Prior Learning.