Latest Practioner Registration Evaluation

The practitioner registrations schemes regularly commission evaluation reports in order to judge their performance. I hope you will be interested to see the attached, which is the latest evaluation report for the Kent, Surrey & Sussex scheme. The four conclusions have resonance across all the nine current schemes around the UK: professionalism, low-cost quality assurance, effectiveness of practitioner registrants and the value employers attribute to registration. Equally, I am sure all practitioner registrants would agree with the practitioners’ recorded view that they would like to see registration feature more prominently in job adverts. The other feature I would draw to your attention is the tremendous network of volunteer assessors, verifiers and mentors. Without them this model, which all the schemes operate, would not be the success that it appears to be. Please find attached the Summary of the Practioner Evaluation Report and contact the office for the full report.


practioner evaluation report