Fees and charges with effect from 01 July 2018

On 17 April 2018 UKPHR’s Board confirmed increased rates of registration fees for registrants and increased charges for local practitioner registration schemes to take effect from 01 July 2018.

UKPHR consulted registrants and other stakeholders during February and March before the Board made its decision. UKPHR received 35 responses to the consultation. A majority of respondents did not agree with the proposed increases, stating reasons including austerity and the absence of pay increases, lack of differentiation in fees depending on ability to pay and some challenge to UKPHR’s proposed revalidation of registrants.

The Board considered the responses received and made a point of stating that it heard and understood the disagreement and the reasons given for disagreeing. However, the Board decided that it had to increase fees and charges, in line with its previously stated intention to increase fees and charges gradually over time rather than store up pressure for a large increase later, in order to maintain the organisation’s stability and sustainability.

UKPHR is flexible in its collection of payments of fees and charges and has an established approach to responding to individual cases of hardship or difficulty making payment.

UKPHR is introducing revalidation without introducing any new fees and charges to cover the additional work that revalidation will generate for UKPHR.

Workstreams currently underway in relation to introducing revalidation, changing specialist registration by portfolio assessment and reviewing practitioner registration demonstrate UKPHR’s commitment to remaining fit for purpose and relevant to the needs of the UK’s public health workforce as well as our commitment to continuous improvement in our own ways of working.

To view the changes in fees and charges, effective from 01 July 2018, please click here.