David Kidney returns to his old title of Chief Executive

April 2017 saw the restoration of David Kidney’s old job title of Chief Executive. He voluntarily gave up this job title in 2013 when the register became smaller and relocated from London to Birmingham. 

Now that the register’s future is more secure, the Board has agreed to restore David to “Chief Executive”.

David says the step is another confidence-boosting sign of progress for the organisation:

“I joined UKPHR over 4 years ago as its Chief Executive but I gave up the title when we tightened our belts, reduced our staffing level and relocated to Birmingham. Since then I have had the privilege to lead a progressive, forward-thinking organisation which has grown and established itself as the regulatory home for the core public health workforce. I am most grateful to the Board for deciding that we have reached a point in our development when it is time to give me back my original title of Chief Executive. I thank the Directors and I assure registrants and stakeholders that we will go on focusing on continuous improvement in our own services and in public health practice going forward.”

As Chief Executive, David Kidney heads a small team of paid staff and a wider supportive network of Board members, assessors and other volunteers.