Changes in fees and charges

Thank you to those who participated in UKPHR’s recent consultation with regard to proposed increases in fees and charges.

The Executive Director presented the draft 2016-17 Budget and the result of the recent consultation at the last Board meeting on the 26th April. There were only 10 responses so the report set out all responses received to all of the 9 consultation questions.

After considering the consultation responses, the Board approved the 2016-17 Budget as drafted, including the increases in fees and charges as proposed with effect from 1st July 2016. To view the new charges please click here. In addition to the increase in registrant fees and charges, training charges for local practitioner registration schemes were also increased.

The Board took the consultation responses seriously and made decisions in part prompted by what respondents said. The Board noted a number of the comments made in the responses and agreed to address during the current financial year and in future budgets points made about:

  • Communicating the value of registration;
  • A modern-day version of a registrant’s handbook; and
  • The differential in fees between Specialty Registrars and practitioners.

The Board also decided to seek 100% business rate relief and to investigate legal expenses insurance.