Board decision to speed up assessments. Can you contribute to our effort?

We closed the defined specialist route to register last year and now we want to complete the assessments of the late rush of portfolios we received.

Our Board has made available resources for us to take extra steps to achieve our aim. As a result, we are seeking:

  1. New volunteer assessors who we will train as soon as possible
  2. New volunteer assessors who, after training, can commit to carrying out two full assessments by March 2021 in return for a reward worth over £300
  3. Experienced assessors who, after training if necessary, can commit to complete at least four assessments by March 2022 in return for a per-portfolio payment from us

For obvious reasons, this is a time-limited project, so the commitment we are asking for will only last for a finite period of time. If you can contribute to our effort to complete this project, we want to hear from you.

Please contact David Kidney telephone 0121 296 4370 to learn more about what is on offer.