Accredited Registers Report

63,000 health practitioners stand ready to help transform nation’s health, says Professional Standards Authority

 The UK now has a real opportunity to get more out of its health and care workforce, the Professional Standards Authority says today (Thursday 12 March 2015). Acknowledging widespread recognition that we need new ways to deliver integrated care fit for the 21st century and tackle national health problems, Harry Cayton, the Authority’s Chief Executive, called for people in charge of health and care services to use a wider range of occupational groups.

Mr Cayton made the comments as the Authority published its first report on the Accredited Registers programme, the Government programme to promote safety and quality in a wide range of health and care services across the UK. UKPHR is one of these accredited registers.  The extra level of assurance the programme offers gives commissioners and employers the confidence they need to make wider use of a workforce focused on prevention and wellbeing.

The report published today sets out how the programme gives service users, employers and commissioners the confidence they need to use a wider range of practitioners. The benefits of the programme include:

  •  all Registers which have been accredited to date have made improvements to their working practices to gain accreditation from the Authority, improving overall quality across the different sectors
  • if a practitioner is removed from one Accredited Register they cannot join another, protecting patients and consumers from malpractice
  • all Accredited Registers are required to carry out careful risk assessments to ensure they understand the risks their occupation may pose to the public and to ensure that they are managing those risks effectively.

The Authority’s report is published today on its website