A new Public Health Skills & Knowledge Framework is now available for use

UKPHR is pleased to announce that the revised Public Health Skills and Knowledge Framework has been published. For the past 2 years UKPHR has been a member of the steering group led by Public Health England which has brought about the publication of the new Framework. We would particularly pay tribute to Shona Arora of Public Health England who has chaired the steering group and our own Board Director Claire Cotter who was engaged by Public Health England to head up the development work with key stakeholders.

The need to refresh the Framework was identified in the 2013 public health workforce strategy, and the extensive consultation since has confirmed widespread support across the UK for this revision.  The resulting revised Framework is more reflective of the prevailing public health landscape, and will be an important tool in developing public health capabilities needed in future. Overall it is a clear and purposeful Framework which has been endorsed by a wide range of organisations with an interest in the development of the public health workforce across the UK.

The Framework is accompanied by a helpful guide, setting out how it can be used by individuals, employers and educational providers working in public health.

UKPHR urges everyone to become familiar with the new Framework and try it out as soon as possible. The steering group wishes to hear from users as to their experiences of applying it – within organisations and individually. This will help us to refine the Framework and user guide further in preparation for a formal launch event planned for late autumn.

You can share your experiences with UKPHR or send them directly to the steering group via the email address sp-phskf@phe.gov.uk