UKPHR are recruiting Verifiers!

UKPHR Regional Public Health Practitioner schemes are recruiting for Verifiers to support UKPHR Public Health Practitioner portfolio development.

Demand for registration has recently increased, and more employers and individuals are recognising the benefit of UKPHR registration. However, this means that the regional schemes need more Verifiers to review practitioner portfolios.

UKPHR registrants can contribute to their local schemes by undertaking one the Verifier role.

Benefits of being a Verifier

  • Contributes towards your own CPD.
  • Develops a sound grasp of retrospective portfolio building which can help with your own future portfolio development.
  • Broadens learning and understanding of public health agendas, policies, roles, services, and interventions in other areas through the verification process and gives interesting insight into the varied workstreams of the practitioner workforce.
  • Actively contributing to the development of public health careers of other professionals


  • To verify applications that have been previously assessed.
  • To be available to discuss assessments at a meeting of the verification panel.
  • To provide feedback and advice to assessors.



 A verifier must be: 

  • A registered public health specialist with the GMC, the GDC or UKPHR, of good standing and to be in or have held a consultant or senior specialist post or a post of equivalent responsibility.
  • StRs who are in the last 6 months of ST4, or in ST5. They may be able to use the verifier role to contribute towards some of their competencies.
  • Those practitioners who are applying for Specialty Registration by Portfolio and have demonstrated they are working at or above this level, or those accepted onto a local scheme for support to develop SRbP.
  • Existing verifiers can continue to work as verifiers even after their registration ends (e.g., if they retire) provided:
    • there are no fitness to practice issues and 
    • CPD in relation to verification is maintained (i.e., attend at least one verification panel a year and a UKPHR verifier development session every two years).
  • To be skilled in providing independent scrutiny of the portfolio of evidence submitted to demonstrate competence – attendance at training is mandatory.
  • To be thoroughly conversant with the public health standards.
  • To be able to maintain impartiality in the role.
  • To be willing and able to devote the necessary time and to give the role appropriate priority.
  • To be able to provide appropriate references.
  • To be able to provide evidence of current continuing professional development.


If you are interested in becoming a Verifier, please complete this online form.