Report on the value of UKPHR registration and 2023-2024 fees consultation


Over the summer of 2022, UKPHR commissioned a change management consultant to interview a representative sample of current and intended registrants, at both Practitioner and Specialist levels, to find out more about what value registration presented to them.

The results were very encouraging, illustrating how the diversity of access routes UKPHR has created is enriching the public health workforce. Registrants also provided some thought-provoking challenges about reducing the inconsistency with which Practitioner schemes are administered at local/regional level, improving the quality of support available for Specialist applicants, and engaging more public health contributors in thinking ahead about registration as their careers develop.

A full report is now published on our website and in response the UKPHR Board has launched a consultation on its fees for the 2023-24 and 2024-25 financial years. We invite responses.

The Chair of the Board said “we hear what Registrants are asking for and recognise the call for change and are now beginning the process of planning ahead to embrace this when circumstances allow. In the meantime we are laying the foundations of a stable, professional system which is less reliant upon good will and should, in the fullness of time, guarantee capacity to serve the interests of the public health profession – and ensure the quality of the vital service it provides for citizens”.