Evaluation of UKPHR revalidation scheme and 360 feedback review

16th February 2021

UKPHR has published the first evaluation of its revalidation scheme, which was implemented in April 2019. The evaluation was undertaken after revalidation had been operational for one year. Zaira Ejaz, our Revalidation & Registration Services Officer collated responses from registrants who had completed their revalidation and proactively sought feedback from registrants and other participants. An evaluation report was written by Zaira which included recommendations for changes to the revalidation policy and guidance, the revalidation module and the requirements themselves.

These recommendations were all approved by UKPHR’s Board and will now be incorporated into the revalidation scheme.

In addition, UKPHR commissioned an evaluation of the 360-degree multi-source feedback (MSF) tools currently approved for use by UKPHR. The evaluation report contains valuable information about the tools currently in use. The report also highlights that there are no tools that fully reflect public health practice directly. As a result, the report contains recommendations to UKPHR to consider what public health practice-related questions might be added to existing tools and whether public health-specific tools might realistically be developed going forward.

UKPHR plans to carry out work in line with these recommendations and we would be interested in working with registrants and other relevant stakeholders on this development.

You can find a link to both evaluation reports below.

UKPHR Revalidation Evaluation report 2020

UKPHR 360 feedback review 2020