2nd edition of UKPHR’s Revalidation policy and guidance published

Following a 6-month pilot of revalidation, UKPHR has taken on board feedback and suggestions provided by registrants who voluntarily participated, to refine its policy and guidance ahead of the launch of revalidation for all specialists on the 1st April 2019. Click here for the full news release in relation to the Board’s decision for a launch date.

As a result UKPHR have published second editions of the revalidation policy and guidance for specialist and practitioner registrants.

Some of the changes in the policy and guidance include the following:

  • Further guidance on confirmation of compliance and referees.
  • CPD reflective notes requirement and types of acceptable CPD evidence
  • Amending our Quality of Service element of revalidation to Quality Improvement Activity.

Please click on the links below to the second edition of UKPHR’s policy and guidance for revalidation for both specialists and practitioners.



If you have any further queries please contact Zaira Ejaz, Revalidation and Registration Services Officer at z.ejaz@ukphr.org