2nd edition of Good Public Health Practice

A 2nd edition of Good Public Health Practice has been agreed by UK Faculty of Public Health and UK Public Health Register and published.

Intended to set standards of practice for all members of the core public health workforce, Good Public Health Practice provides a framework to guide all aspects of public health practice.

UKPHR’s Code of Conduct refers to Good Public Health Practice and complements it.

Much of the change that has been made was necessary to keep the standards of public health practice up to date and relevant to current practice. However, some content is new in order to reflect developments in practice since the first edition was published.

For registrants who are also doctors, the General Medical Council publishes a similar guide, Good Medical Practice, and this publication contains standards of clinical practice which will also be relevant.

Good Medical Practice is also significant for doctors in relation to their professional appraisal and revalidation.

UKPHR intends to develop its current 5-yearly re-registration process into a revalidation scheme. Good Public Health Practice will become even more significant to registrants’ public health practice because it will apply to future appraisal and revalidation.

As there is important interaction, in the case of registrants who are also doctors, between Good Medical Practice and Good Public Health Practice, we have developed the 2nd edition of Good Public Health Practice to mirror as closely as possible the standards of clinical practice set out in Good Medical Practice. For example, the 2nd edition adopts the same 4 areas of practice.

UKPHR commends the standards of practice contained in the 2nd edition of Good Public Health Practice to registrants and all other stakeholders.


Please click here to download Good Public Health Practice Framework