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Accredited Register

What is the Accredited Registers programme?

UKPHR is one of many registers on the Accredited Registers programme and registers members of the core public health workforce: Specialists, Specialty Registrars and public health practitioners.

It is a Department of Health backed programme which sets standards for practitioners whose roles are not regulated by law. It is recognised by NHS Employers, NHS Choices, the Care Quality Commission and Any Qualified Providers scheme

It is managed and run, independently, by the Professional Standards Authority for Health and Social Care (the Authority). The Authority also oversees the nine statutory regulators such as the General Medical Council; their main purpose is to protect the public by raising regulatory standards in health and care.

The Professional Standards Authority standards can be viewed here

What is the Accredited Registers collaborative?

The Accredited Registers’ come together approximately twice a year to discuss matters relating to the Accredited Registers programme and relations with the Professional Standards Authority. Currently UKPHR provides the secretariat for the collaborative.

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