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We are seeking new Directors to appoint to our Board in 2019

As a result of retirements, we would like to appoint up to four new Directors to our Board before the end of 2019. Please click here to read our full job… Read more →

Joint statement on professional appraisal and revalidation in local authorities in England

Public Health England (PHE) and  the Standing Group on Local Public Health Teams have published a joint statement outlining the part that professional appraisal and revalidation play in ensuring the… Read more →

Record of proceedings of UKPHR’s 10th Consultative Forum

UKPHR held its 10th Consultative Forum in Sheffield on the 13th May 2019. We have today published the record of proceedings for this meeting. Please click here to read them.

Guidance and Supporting Information for the amended Practitioner Standards

UKPHR has amended the standards for practitioner registration and introduced the amended standards for use from 01 April 2019 onwards. The original standards continue to apply for up to two… Read more →

Revalidation of UKPHR’s specialists: relationship between annual professional appraisal and revalidation

UKPHR’s Board has published a statement in order to clarify two aspects of professional appraisal for specialist registrants in relation to revalidation. The Board is responding to queries and representations… Read more →

Specialist Registration by Portfolio Assessment: How we implemented the new route

In this new report, published today, UKPHR sets out the road to implementation for its new Specialist Registration by Portfolio Assessment route. The report features some post-launch awareness-raising activity through… Read more →

Would you like to become a member of UKPHR’s Registration Approvals Committee?

UKPHR wants to recruit three new members of its Registration Approvals Committee. Could you see yourself in this unpaid yet crucial post?  You need to demonstrate a commitment to the… Read more →

New blog: Registrar of UKPHR – My Journey

Professor Zafar Iqbal tells the story of his journey to become UKPHR’s Registrar in a new blog on UKPHR’s website. Appointed two years ago, Zafar gives his time, diligence and… Read more →

New blog: Revalidation – today’s the day

David Kidney and Zaira Ejaz have jointly published a blog to make the first date of launching Revalidation for all Specialists.

Consultation report on practitioner standards

UKPHR sought views between 24 August 2018 and 19 October 2018 from a wide range of stakeholders and other interested parties on UKPHR’s draft proposed amended standards for practitioner registration… Read more →

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