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Revalidation and the Pearson Review

By Zaira Ejaz, Revalidation & Registration Services Officer As UKPHR is currently in the process of introducing revalidation for registrants in place of the existing 5-yearly re-registration process, we recently… Read more →

Defined Specialist Portfolio Route: The lonely path to registration

By Alix Sheppard FRSA, FRSPH UKPHR Public Health Practitioners registration scheme coordinator (East of England) FPH Accredited Practitioner Programme Lead In the East of England we have identified 18 individuals… Read more →

Introducing UKPHR’s new revalidation scheme

By David Kidney, UKPHR Executive Director In February 2017 UKPHR’s Board made its decision to introduce revalidation for registrants in place of UKPHR’s existing 5-yearly re-registration process. The changeover from… Read more →

An introduction to our Health Promotion Practitioner Register – part of the IUHPE Health Promotion Accreditation System

By David Kidney, UKPHR Executive Director & Dr Viv Speller, UKPHR Director and Member IUHPE Accreditation Committee At UKPHR we have launched a new register, alongside our long-running public health… Read more →

Re-registration and revalidation explained…

By David Kidney, UKPHR Executive Director From time to time I am asked to explain the difference between re-registration and revalidation and how one or both of these processes apply… Read more →

Blog: Practitioner registration task and finish group

By David Kidney, UKPHR Executive Director When UKPHR’s Board met on 19 July 2016 it decided to set up a new task & finish group to review practitioner registration in… Read more →

Blog: Revalidation scheme for all UKPHR registrants

By David Kidney, UKPHR Executive Director When the UK Public Health Register was set up in 2003 it had clear eligibility criteria for registration and applicants have always been checked… Read more →

Scotland’s report of the Public Health Review

By Professor Bryan Stoten, UKPHR Chair I read the report of Scotland’s recent Public Health Review with enormous satisfaction. It seems to me that the report’s conclusions and recommendations fit comfortably… Read more →

The Value of Public Health Practitioner Registration

The UK Public Health Register (UKPHR) is well known, alongside the General Medical Council, as a regulator of Directors of Public Health and Public Health Specialists, a role we have… Read more →

Health impacts of flooding

It is not only your property and possessions that can be damaged by flood waters – flooding can also have lasting impacts on your health and wellbeing. So when thousands… Read more →

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